What WaterRemedy Do

Water Remedy is sole distributor of Jurby International Incorporation Canada all over the Pakistan. Inaddition we are a part of  BASF Germany for Northern Pakistan Region. Water Remedy also acquired the distribution of Akkim UF membranes for Pakistan.

What waterremedy do is and aim to facilitate with better water treatment and purification services for our people as day by day the quality and clarity of ground water is decreasing and it will be worst by the passage of time, Normal tap water will not be consumable without purification and treatment.

We are using all advance equipment and tools to provide best of our product which is the basic need for life, we cater water analysis system,  optimal water treatment system, repair and maintenance of utility system, Descaling services, cooling system ect.

Moreover to provide all these facilities we are operating RO Plants ( Reverse Osmosis Plant), Ultrafiltration Plants, wastewater treatment plants,  Desalination plants and many more other systems.

We also offer full range of water treatment chemicals from world renowned principles and ensure highest level of safety and performance. We provide customized chemical treatment solutions with technical backup from our principles. A range of FOOD GRADE water treatment chemical for food and pharmaceutical industries are also available.

Our main Distributions and Solutions

  • Distributors for BASF water treatment chemicals in Punjab and KPK

  • Distributors for Jurby water tech solutions in Pakistan

  • Design and Provide water treatment plants for industrial use

  • Provide solutions for water used in processing

  • Provide complete solution for drinking water

  • Provide solutions for boiler and cooling tower treatment

water services and treatment

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