Akkim UF Membranes

Akkim, Turkey’s leading chemical manufacturer, was founded in 1977 in Yalova and has expanded its production activities in many different areas over the years. It produces basic chemicals such as chlor-alkali and derivatives, hydrogen peroxide and sodium percarbonate, methylamines, persulfates, and bisulfites in its integrated facilities in YALKİMOSB.

Using its presence and synergy in water treatment sector, Akkim has entered the advanced water purification sector by investing in UF membranes module in their Yalova plant. With its modern factory established in 2016, Akkim has been the first and only manufacturer of this product in Turkey.

Water Remedy Pvt. Ltd. Pakistan and Akkim Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret joined hands in 2020 for establishing a market for the ultra-filtration membranes also known as UF membranes in Pakistan. Water remedy has acquired the distribution of the ultrafiltration membranes in Pakistan. Water remedy Pvt. Ltd. has introduced the UF membranes in the Pakistani local market. We are also eying to introduce the chemicals in near future.